Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Patagonia without hydroelectric dams..

Short documentary
And not directly related but seems to be an interesting docu about usa dams:

Decided to run this morning..

..and suprisinhly i wasn't alone. Just 3 blocks away was a public running event sponsered by ministry of sports

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Chilenian vulcanos..

Chile has over 100 active vulcanos some of them errupted withhin the last years

* Calbuco 30.4.2015

* Chaiten 2.5.2008

* Villaricca 3.5.2015

Ferdinand Magellan

..punta arenas is located at the magellan street,so who was this person?

Bbc Documentary divited into 4 parts,when one is finished see videos below to watch next part

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Flight to punta arenas

.. i never had such an incredible view im my life..Glacier,fjords ocean snow caped mountains
Get a place of the left side of the plane when flying from the north of chile

My home for a few days

Planed to camp just a few hundred meters away but then carlos and sofia invited me to stay at their place :)

Carretera Austral..

In bike is pretty hard especially with a road bike and small tires.but i had henry and kevin from the farm with me and had lots of fun with then the 2 days we rode together. Afterwards i cycled from cochamo to ensenada,puerto varas,puerto montt to take the bus and return the bike in hornophirén
Hard and fun tour :)

Chilean Navy

Flying like 5 meters above ground at puerto montt bus terminal

Building a table at the farm

With ben luca henry and kevin

Rio Blanco

..Close to hornophirén.the color and power of the water is impressive

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Plan was to hitchhike carretera austral for a few days but found a nice farm after 100km hitching so i stayed there a couple of on a bike trip heading north with kevin and heinrich both from the states

Puerto montt

Gateway to the astonishing carretera austral.angelmó suburb is well suited for eating fish


Founded by german imigrants located just 20km east of the pacific..

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Around Pucón

Hiked up Volcan Villarrica roughly 2800m    high still active with latest eruption in 2015. Watched Pucón international triathlon and enjoyed park huerquehue 1 day the 3 lakes tour and the other a pretty steep hike to mount san sebastian with a stunishing view to a number of vulcans and lakes. High recommendable


..also known as Valpo is to the west of Santiago a city full of street art and still reasonable trabalengua is nice i discovered it by accident and it turned out there was a live radio show with me as the only listener. City evevators are typical (see priviouse post). Spent 2 days there, when time permits I'd like to come back to see more :)

Valparaiso docu

Available until february 8th i was there after Santiago.Pictures following..

Saturday, January 16, 2016


1.1.2016 Chile! Arrived in Santiago. Surrounded by mountains it's dry hot now in sommer.home of 6 million chienians or roughly 40%. Did couchsurfing (but i like bewelcome and trustroots a lot more because they are not owned by a company). Chilled a little on the BMX and watched my host working (junggeling at traffic lights)