Thursday, December 31, 2015

There is no way to Happiness, Hapiness is the way..

.. thats what is written on a postcard I just received days before flying to chile.That saying wasn't new to me,my mom had it for ages sticked to a wall.

So what does mean?
Well there is room for interpretation I guess so mine is: one cannot achieve happiness and then you just have it like a degree.It comes and goes,so instead of working towards this one magic thing or point in time that makes you happy start were you are.Work with what you have. Sounds easy but certainly is hard in practice when you are in a bad mood. Start small, look around you and appreciate what you have. Be aware of what you feel (mindfulness).

So why am I writing this after all?
I thought "ok I will take this half year off then I am happy".While this may work out for me, on the way towards the journey l started to appreciate the people things and landscape now left behind.
It was all there just didn't see it sometimes.

Letting go is hard but sometimes necessary, sometimes you are forced to and sometimes you have to convince yourself that is better for you (in the long term).

Have a nice Silvester everybody and a....

@Uwe thanks for the "mail your blog post to a secret address and it automatically gets published tip".

pic: On the way to the Airport.
Ah and btw. welcome :)